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This site is intended to provide information in a simple language to the patients of different ano-rectal problems. Patients of ano-rectal diseases often tend to avoid or postpone seeking expert medical advice due to shyness and the fact that most ano-rectal problems do not demand immediate attention. They approach the experts, once the condition reaches beyond control for them. This information will help and guide them regarding various issues of ano-rectal treatment :

• Why & when to approach an expert
• Possible modes of treatments.

What makes different from other ano-rectal sites is its emphasis on general information along with special attention on little known but highly effective ayurveda treatments for ano-rectal diseases. Thus is an information superstore for ano-rectal diseases.

DR. Mukul Patel M.D., Ano-rectal Ay, FAMS
Consulting Proctologist
(Specialist - Piles fissure fistula & ano-rectal diseases.)
Swaminarayan Complex, Majura Gate Traffic Circle,
Surat - 395 001, Gujarat, INDIA. :: Telephone :: +91-261-2462626

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