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Anal Stenosis


Anal stenosis is the most common type of outflow obstruction and is usually mistaken for constipation. It is the second most frequently missed anal diagnosis. This is unfortunate because it can be treated very easily in the office under local anesthetic. The symptoms are difficulty pushing a firm stool through a narrowed Anal canal. It comes on slowly so the patient is not fully aware of the narrowing nd attributes it to "constipation". The problem is that the anal canal has been narrowed by a ring of scar tissue located just under the skin of the anal margin which, just like a bone, will not give or allow the anal canal to stretch to accommodate a large diameter stool.


The treatment is very simple : in the office under local, the ring of scar tissue is incised on both sides through the anal skin which immediately allows the canal to expand to its normal stretchable diameter. We recommend that a dilator be used afterwards to allow the canal to heal in the stretched position.

Anal stenosis, spasmodic sphincter, constrict anus