Ksharsutra Ligation       -      Fistulectomy Fistulotomy       -       Fibrine Glue - Managment for Anal Fistula       -       Core Technique For Anal Fistula       -       Vran Upakrama        -      Ksharvarti & Ksharpichu Technique       -       Hemorrhoidectomy (Open N Close Method)       -      IRC(Infra Red Coagulation) for Hemorrhoids       -       PPH(Stapler Hemorrhoidectomy) For Hemorrhoids       -       HAL (Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation) Technique       -       Barran Band Ligation For Hemorrhoids       -      Kshar Karma(Chemical Cauterization) for Hemorrhoids       -       Sclaro Therapy       -       Jalouka - Leach Application Technique       -       Crayo Surgery       -       Laser Surgery       -       Radio Frequency Cauterization       -       Basti Treatment (Medicated Enima For IBS & U Colitis)       -       Chemical Cutrization Through Ayurvedic Drugs       -       Conservative Managment - Shaman Chikitsa For Anorectal Diseases       -      Surgery According to Ayurveda       -       Surgery According to Modern Science       -      

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Fistula in Ano (Anal Fistula)
Rectovaginal Fistula
Fissure in Ano
Hemorrhoids (Piles)
Anal Hematoma
U Colities & Chrons Deseases
Pilionidle Sinus
Condyloma Anal
Anal Itching - Pruritus Ani
Anal Stanosis
Ano Rectal Bleeding
IBS (Irritable Bowels Syndrome)
Polyps Rectum
Rectal Prolaps
Anal Discharge
Anal Cryptitis & Papilities
Ano Rectal Cancer


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