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: We need your help to serve the society :


One of our main objectives is to popularize the Kshar Sutra procedure of Ayurveda & make its benefits available to our less fortunate class of brethren who can not afford the cost of the procedure. For this, we have a special arrangement. We conduct free diagnostic camps which the help of charitable institutions & welfare clubs.

Patients require surgical or Para surgical procedures are treated at nominal charges or free of cost depending upon their economical conditions.

We also are having a free diagnostic day at the hospital. On every second Saturday, patients can take prior appointment for the diagnosis on this day. Patients requiring surgical or Kshar-sutra treatments are screened and scheduled treatment. This treatment is given free of cost. NRIs and foreign patients can also avail this facility.

We also accept donations from patients / well wishers & ayurvedists to promote this free treatment program. We invite you to give your contribution to the institute in any ay you can to support this cause.


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