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Dr. Harshvardhan Jobanputra - Nadiad, Gujarat
Dr. Harshvardhan A. Jobanputra
M.D. (ShalyaTantra -Ayu)

  Full Name:                                   Dr. Harshvardhan A. Jobanputra

  Date of birth:                               25th Oct. 1959

  Medical qualification:                 B.S.A.M. , M.D. (ShalyaTantra -Ayu)

 Name of the institute
 Graduation                                     Govt. Akhandanand Ayurved Mahvidyalay                                                          

 Passing year:                                                             1980

 Post –graduation:                            I.P.G.T. & R. Gujarat Ayurved University                                                                             

 Passing year:                                                              1984

Topic of Thesis:                A Comparative Study on Fracture Healing with Special
                                                        Reference to LAKSHADI COMPOUND                                              

Teaching experience
Tutor cum clinical registrar             Kayachikitsa         1/09/84 to 30/06/1985
Tutor cum clinical registrar             Shaly-Shalakya    1/07/85 to 01/02/1987
Lecturer                                             Shaly-Shalakya    2/o2/87 to 31/08/2007
Incharge RMO                                  Ayurved Hospital 16/05/86 to 15/06/ 1986

Other academic details:
      Uni 5th  in   1st     B.S.A. M.
      Uni 3rd in    2nd    B.S.A. M.
      Uni 2nd in  Final  B.S.A.M
Life member of Akhil Bharatiya Vanaushdhi Abhyas    Mandal                                                              

Ex. Member,  Board of Shalya-Shalakya    & Acedemic Commetee
Guj. Ayu.Universsity Jamnagar

Examiner in the subject Shalya in U.G & P.G. and foreigner’s course


Guest/expert Lecture

CHARAK-SWADHYA SHIBIR                                                      1999
Ksharsutra training Workshop                                                   2005
(Guj. Ayu Uni Jamnagar)
Ksharsutra training Workshop                                                   2005
(Yeral Ayurved College Navi Mumbai)                                        2005
Ksharsutra training Workshop                                                   2006
(Guj. Ayu. Uni)
Ksharsutra training Workshop for Govt. Tech. Officers      2009

Seminar & workshops

National Seminar on Skin diseases                                1982
(Guj. Ayu. Uni. Jamanagar)
            Paper presentation

Cardiiology update                                                              1989
IMACGP Balasinor branch
            Updates Proctology                                                             1991

Symposium on Ayurved Education                                 1992
(Guj.State Ayurved Congress)


National symposium on Ano-Rectal disorders              1993
(Guj. Ayu.Research center)

Workshop on Kshasutra                                                     1994
(National academy of Ayurved New Delhi)
Paper Presentation

Symposium on Panch-Karm                                             1994

National Seminar on Herbal Medicines                          1995
Kevadia (Gujarat)
All India PG Association New Delhi

Milk and Milk Products and Ayurved                                2001
Sumul Dairy Surat
Expert Panelist

Interactive Workshop on Ayurved                                     2004
(Shaly-Shalakya) at BHU
Rashtriya Ayurved Vidyapith New Delhi


National Seminar on Anorectal Disorders                      2005
& Ksharsutra  UPDATE Proctology
Kharghar Navi Mumbai
Guest Speaker & Operative faculty

All India conference on Anorectal Disease                    2005
& latest treatment      Nasik
Guest speaker & surgical Faculty

National workshop on ‘Role of Ksharsutra                     2007
In Ano-rectal disorder
CCRAS, Dept of Ayush New Delhi
Co Chair-Person


Subject of Interest

      Surgery, orthopedics, touring, tracking, birds, animals and tree watching

Details for communication:


Address:       15, Shastrinagar,                                           Sushrut Hospital
                      College Road,                                                Super-specialitty Day care center
                      NADIAD                                                           for Piles-Fissure-Fistula & Ayu.
                      Gujarat, India.  387 001                                Sardar Patel Complex
Tel No:          +268 2529884                                                +268 2561623
                        94291 61363 (M)


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