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Dr. Mukul Patel - Gujarat
  • A graduate of the Dhanvantari Mandir ( Jamnagar ), affiliated to the world famous and the only Ayurved University - Gujarat Ayurved University , Jamnagar , Gujarat ( India ).
  • A post graduate of Akhandananda Ayurved Mahavidyalaya affiliated to the institute of Post Graduate Teaching and Research - Gujarat Ayurved University .
  • Has worked in the field of management of Ano-Rectal diseases through Ayurveda since -1987.
  • Runs his private consulting room and hospital at Surat , Gujarat ( India ), since -1989 .
  • Has participated in many Colo-rectal seminars throughout India .
  • Has conducted many free diagnostic and operative Ano-Rectal camps throughout India to make available his services to the less fortunate class.
  • Has a vast experience of having diagnosed and treated over 6000 patients of Ano rectal diseases like Piles, Fistula, and Fissure in Ano etc.
  • Experienced in carrying out all types of Ano-Rectal procedures including the Kshar-Sutra and laser surgery.
  • Has successfully operated upon more than 2000 patients according to the specialized Kshar Sutra therapy of Ayurveda.
  • Has teaching experience to undergraduate and post graduate students of Akhandananda Ayurveda College (Mahavidyalaya).
  • Has delivered radio talks on All India Radio on Ano-Rectal subjects.

Dr Mukul Patel

Address Details for Communication :

Swaminarayan complex,
Opp. Majura Gate Traffic Circle,
Ring Road, Surat,
Gujarat, India.

Tel :
+91- 261- 2462626, 6544944, 2651718


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