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We have highly qualified and experienced team of doctors both at our main centre and at various places in India. Dr. Mukul Patel is usually available for personal consultation at Shreyas Ano-rectal hospital and research centre, SURAT.
Patients opting for the treatment at other centres may do so. Facilities like Laser and radio frequency and some other procedure may not be available at all places.

Post graduate doctors

Dr. Mukul Patel

A graduate of Gulab Kunvarba Ayurved Mahavidhyalaya – Dhanvaantri Mandir , Gujarat Ayurved University , Jamnagar, Gujarat. (1984)
Post graduate – IPGT & RA (Institute of Post Graduate and Teaching and Research - Jamnagar) ()

  • Has worked in the field of management of Ano-rectal diseases through Ayurveda since 1984.
  • Runs Shreyas ano-rectal hospital and research centre in Surat, Gujarat, India since 1989
  • Participated and presented research papers in many colo-rectal / ano-rectal seminars throughout India
  • Participated and presented research papers in seminars abroad – Mauritius, Dubai etc.
  • Has conducted many free diagnostic and operative ano-rectal camps throughout India to provide quality services to the less fortunate classes of the country
  • Experienced in carrying out all type ano-rectal procedures including Ksharasutra and laser surgery
  • Designed and treated over 6000 patients of various ano-rectal diseases like piles, fissure, fistula-in-ano, ulcerative colitis etc.
  • Successfully operated more than 2000 patients of fistula-in-ano / recto-vaginal fistula / pilo needle sinus as per the Ksharasutra therapy
  • Delivered radio talks on all India radio on ano-rectal subjects
  • Contributed to many dailies & magazines articles on ano-rectal conditions
  • Conducted lectures / workshops on the subjects for students and practitioners
  • A recognized (by the dept. of AYUSH Ministry of Health, Central Govt. of India)  resource person for promotion and propagation  of  Ksharasutra therapies and other treatments for ano-rectal diseases based on the principles of Ayurveda
  • Recognised  “Guru” – under the Guru-Shishyas parampara programme conducted by Dept. of Ayush, Ministry of Health Central Govt. of India (Year)
  • Teaching experience –

Under graduate level – Akhanand Ayurved hospital, Ahmedabad. (Year)  
Post graduate level - Akhanand Ayurved hospital, Ahmedabad. (Year)  

Doctors based at various places in India and overseas are connected with our institution. Though Dr. Mukul Patel (MD) will be available for personal consultation only at Surat, India , patients opting for treatment at other centers can do so.

Facilities like Laser & Radio Frequency & some other procedures may not be available at all places.

We have two groups of doctors in our team.

Group A

Group A consists of post-graduates in the field of Ano-rectal diseases and are teaching and practicing in the field. These doctors will also be available for consultation, second opinion in complicated cases and for conducting workshops & teaching students during our training programs.

Group B

Group B consists of doctors who are Ayurveda graduates and are practicing in the field of ano-rectal surgery for not less than 10 yrs. Though they are not post-graduates, they have ample experience in this field.

OUR TEAM OF DOCTORS ( Click on doctor's name to see bio-data )

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