I am a 35 year old American woman, and had suffered for 6 years from an anal fistula. I had multiple attempts to heal it using fibrin glue and collagen plug and western seton placements. Any other option available to me in the USA would have come with a steep risk of incontinence and further harm to that area. I found Proctocure online and starting communicating with Dr. Mukul a few years back. I was eager to go have the treatment in India but also concerned that I didnt know anyone whom had been treated in this manner. It was helpful for me to speak an American patient whom had also been treated by the clinic of Dr. Mukuls prior and could share her experiences with me. I was eager to begin the journey and felt very hopeful after relating to someone whom had been thru what I was and achieved a cure.


I then fell pregnant, had a child and had to wait a few more years to travel to India, living with a fistula and only dreaming there may come a day when the end of it was near. Finally when my daughter was 2, she, My Husband, I headed to India in January 2014. Communication with Dr. Mukul and Dr. Medha over the few years previous was always very easy, very prompt to respond and very promising that they could provide a cure, they were experts in the treatment of my exact condition, and in my mind, there was no other option. And Indeed they were the nicest, caring, empathetic and holistic doctors I have ever been blessed enough to be treated by. I went to India with an open ended ticket. I thought my fistula was only 6 cm in length and therefore would hopefully take only 6 weeks to cure. What i didnt consider was the distance of where it began in my anal canal to the complete bottom of my sphincter as well as where it exited a bit away from my anus. this was all healthy tissue that would be included in the distance of the entire tract to be healed. Because it is healing with a loop of thread, it is the entire distance of the loop that is in the equation. In my case this was closer to 14 cms. I stayed in India 5 weeks and left the country to continue the thread changes on my own with assistance. Unfortauntely in my case the duration of healing was closer to 8 months, however the final day came in September of 2014 and it indeed had completely work itself the entire way out of my body. IT WORKED!!!!! Ayurvedic magic healed me slowely but surely from the inside out. It is completely gone. Incredibly blessed to have finally rid myself of years of suffering and no longer have to wear panty liners. I absolutely adore Dr. Mukul and Dr. Medha, have continued to keep in touch and hope to see them again some day (NOT for those same reasons, mind you). I must also tell you that upon return to the USA i revisited my long term (Kaiser) GI doctor during some of the final weeks of my treatment to show him my progress of this method and for an internal exam. HE remarked my inside was the most excellent he had ever seen it and was very impressed. I was hoping by visiting him it would open his mind to not deny western patients the suggestion that possibly somewhere out there in the world an alternative ayurvedic treatment could possibly be there cure. After my own completion I revisited the same doctor again and I was thrilled to learn that his interest had peaked and he was doing more research into the ksharsutra method. He was very keen on additional details from me and I believe he mentioned another patient of his had gone on to India too. Unfortunately it is not approved by the US FDA to be offered and I can only pray one day the west awakens to the magic of Ayurveda. If anyone would like to have a more in depth conversation of my experience I am happy to share via email or telephone call. Please contact proctocure for my details. And if you are suffering like I was, Dr. Mukul is possibly the best doctor in the entire world to help you heal.