Is the Ksharasutra procedure painful?


The initial procedure/surgery is performed under anaesthesia. There is some pain after the procedure; pain management is efficiently done with the help of medicines.

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How long does it take for the Fistula-in-ano to heal?


The duration of the treatment depends mainly upon the length of the track and also upon the root. Diseases like diabetes, Crohn's, tuberculosis, carcinoma of the rectum etc. interfere with the normal healing process. Roughly speaking, the unit cutting rate of the Ksharasutra is about 0 to 1 cm per week. Hence if the track [...]

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Is Ksharasutra like a Seaton? Yes or No.


It is basically a thread; hence it is similar to a Seaton. However its mode of action is very different. The Ksharasutra is much more than Seaton. The different drugs coated on the Seaton perform different action like curating the track gradually, keeping the track clean (avoiding infections), helping the healing process. The thread [...]

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What is Ksharasutra?


Ksharasutra is a medicated thread. It is coated with various herbal medicines. Usually 21 coating are applied on the thread.

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