Ways to treat anal cancer


Ways to treat anal cancer The anus is the hole at the bottom of your intestines through which stool exits the body. Anal cancer is uncommon, but when it does occur, it has the potential to spread to other parts of the body. Some noncancerous forms of anal cancer can progress to cancerous status [...]

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Colon Cancer – Symptoms and Available Treatment


Definition: Colon cancer: It is also known as bowel cancer and colorectal cancer. It is the formation of cancer in the colon or rectum. Cancer is the development and spread of abnormal cells. Symptoms: The signs and symptoms depend on the staging of cancer, the size of cancer tissue, and the site [...]

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Rectal Discharge – Its Symptoms and Causes


What is Rectal Discharge? Rectal discharge is a substance other than feces and blood that oozes out of the rectum. The substance is mainly pus or mucus that is noticeable either in stool or undergarment. Rectal discharge occurs as a result of many conditions such as infections and inflammatory disorders. Symptoms associated with Rectal [...]

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