Dear Dr Mukul Namaste, hope your wonderful wife and son are all healthy and happy. Hope you are taking care of yourself with your busy days. Thanks for your inquiry about my state of health, I am doing very good and thanks to you and your knowledge, so far no sign of fistula. I am still living in Hawaii, and away from the mainland of America, I have not gone back to America since my departure from blessed land of India. I am hoping for the oppurtunity to visit Kashmir this summer, what is your plan for this summer. Please say hello to Dr Narayan and the rest of your great staff. I stay intouch Dr. Alireza Rad L.Ac. AcuVeda Wellness & Herb Clinic 66-216 Farrington Hwy. #202 Waialua, HI 96791 (808) 637-4880 office (808) 673-1297