Before starting to create a clear picture of my holistic healing, special thanks to whom who have supported me in this successful life changing journey. Un describable sense of joy , An untold victorious feeling of beating the beast , is not easy to pen down as all deducts are connected now beside the physical health that I have recovered there is more to it than I could even imagine to attempt to begin with . Firstly my regards to Mr.&Mrs.Patel who made possible my life as a happier healthier person .Also I have to congratulate him to have selected and trained the most professional happy team which was a major lift & a main portion of my healing.


Otherwise it was not assumable to spend 18 months in order to treat an untreatable disease. Secondly my thanks &appreciation to Indian Nation & their deep understanding of Human nature in all aspects. My story of healing was complimented with other factors which makes up the magic recipe Ayurveda& Yoga Meditation. This is no exaggeration to mention that for me personally this trip not only heal a physical illness, but also make me feel rich as a poor man you can imagine unemployed, an uninsured , in debt for all expenses for the past six years, but this experience was price less in all its meaning. Money is big , but not big is money, as my life experience has proven to me & with my past two years has shown me how human spirit not only still alive it is the basis of Dr .Mukul’s practice & it vibrate through his healing hands. As I sixteen years old on few occasions I had slight pain and dots of blood after the daily bussiness, sometimes unwanted push &dissatisfaction after it was supposibly done, family Doctor fail to diagnose & for youth’s stupidity as well as migration from Iran toTurkey & then to Australia I found my self involved in early marriage & work, bad lifestyle & habits , wrong diet finally bounce back on me. In 2007 anal warts were removed under anesthesia, In 2009 haemorrhoids were treated under anesthesia then in 2011 while getting on with a building project in rural Australia I had a sharp pain after passing stool. After visiting a colorectal surgeon colonoscopy revealed a fissure which the specialist did not recommend taking any action & even the report did not mention about it.Three months later I was at the emergency work getting operated for anal abcess. In the matter of 4-5 months the wound did not heal completely & by my next visit to hospital , it was a high complex anal fistula which they have probed a double plastic seton through it. And I knew that only after discharged from hospital. From then on I was drug depended and disabled man for the following 5 years, On a regular basis almost every 3-4 months a year doctors & professors & western colorectal gurus would have hospitalised me under anestesia to change that plastic drainage, then send me home with a fat prescription of opiods + antibiotics, antidepressants & sedatives. Every time I ask them what their plans are to fix me !! they would respond that they don’t know & I have to maintain it and learn to live with it. One of them in Melbourne whom I was refer to from my original surgeon made a million dollar bet with me on the day of my discharge if I could find a cure for my multibranched high complex fistula. Another one of the colorectal surgeon advice me in writing not to seek treatment overseas in India. In late 2014 I travelled to Germany for consultation recommentations were the same as Aaustralia , the only intervention was the fruitless ozone treatment. I have consulted with many other countries including the US, Canada, Norway, Poland,Italy, Iran was also fruitless. Some have recommeneded hearts man procedure( with the high possiblty of incontinence) In 2015 after a long hesitation I started to broaden my research in to ancient methods of curing this disease. I came across Ayurveda & how one genius has combined the traditional ways with modern techniques and successfully curing thousands of sick people. They were of course references from his patients Globally. My contact with one of them (Christin) was enough assurance to make my mind up about the long trip. When I landed in India, I was in pain, & very high dose of medications ( opioids) I had fever& felt very sick. It was my first time in India &because of my financial situation I was travelling alone on a very low budget which was all borrowed. It was mid December2015 that I came to Dr. Mukul’s Hospital in Surat. My Initial anxiety was only the terms and limitations of my travel documents & the related travel issues. But as I realised later this method falls under alternative therapy like Yoga & meditation, so there was no requirement at all regarding the medical visa. From then on everything change for me. I was again seeing the blink of lights at the end of the tunnel. He told me that my fistula will be healed with methods that is unique and I will not need any medications or the worry of incontinency & the reoccurrence. Most of all they approached and attitude towards me & all his patients was a great uplift which may the foundation of trust between me & my doctor for the first time ever. Complexity of my problems were much exaggerated with drug dependencies detox period and chron’s disease. The impossible case was cured fully on 07/07/17. Now with my disease ceased I’m so moved by the whole attitude and human touch that I feel responsible as a duty & I have started it training in the care and maintenance of these particular treatment which is not available in other countries. I have been given a new life , physically , mentally, energetically& spiritually. The correct holistic view of human health is of a whole world of difference to what we knows as health care. To describe briefly about how much more it means to me than the health itself it is almost mystical, but I felt healthy before I was fully cured & felt rich with a lot of money owing. The mystical part is actually very practical, the Triton of health … Ayurveda Yoga Meditation, It works as one . The impact of my decision will be radiating & shining out throughout my life & I hope I can introduce as many as possible for taking up this life changing trip. Long story short, I am willing to accompany anyone who has no other cure for their anal diseases other than coming to India , Even I’m willing to travel to them after the initial surgery to help & care of ongoing maintenance.