I am writing this testimonial for any person suffering from Fistula. 11 months ago I was told I had a fistula. I had no idea what it was and the complications involved to get rid of it. During the 8 months before I left to India for treatment I read everything I could on this disease. I was shocked that for something that seemed so simple could be so challenging for doctors in the western world. The methods to remove it here in Australia sounded traumatising and didn’t really give me assurance of a permanent cure. I learned of a method called ‘Kshar Sutra‘ on the internet and what I read gave me hope of a permanent cure with no incontinence (this was my main concern). I made contact with a few doctors but after speaking with them and also speaking to a lovely patient from Australia that was treated there, I chose to go through with the procedure at Dr Mukuls clinic. Leaving to India for medical treatment was not an easy decision.


I had to take into account the fact that it was in a country i have never been to, being away from loved ones for that much time and so on but eventually decided this was the best thing to do! I am so glad I went ahead with it because now i sit here writing this and am fistula-free!. I am forever thankful to Dr Mukul, his wife and lovely staff. Dr Mukul really is a gifted & caring doctor with such a kind heart. He genuinely cares about his patients. His wife Dr, Medha was so supportive and just a beautiful soul. I would also like to give special thanks to Dr Hirin & Dr Jaysh who also helped me get through this. I feel like me again. I have the energy to go out and do the things i do comfortably. People suffering from fistula know that it can really affect your quality of life. Especially that it is such a personal part of your body you feel that you cannot just speak to anyone about it and for that reason you feel alone. I remember always feeling depressed and not wanted to socialise because no matter what i did it was there and it was uncomfortable. I am so happy hat I made the decision to go to Dr Mukuls clinic and get treated there. I no longer suffer from fistula and i feel myself again. If anyone would like to contact me I will be happy to answer any questions. You can contact me on sue.b321@outlook.com. Thank you Dr Mukul! You are the best!