Ksharsutra Top 10 questions answered


Kshar sutra Top 10 questions answered Hemorrhoids are classified into three types: hemorrhoids (piles), which are wart-like swellings, anal fissures, which are tears in the skin near the anus, and anal fistulas, which are pus tunnels developing between the end of the bowel and the skin near the anus. Follow all the kshar sutra [...]

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Various Stages of Piles/Hemorrhoids: Suggested Treatment for Each Stage of Disease


What are hemorrhoids? Essentially, hemorrhoids are swollen pieces of blood vessels in anus and lower rectum that cause extreme discomfort. The main cause behind this swelling is that the veins grow, and their walls get stretched, thin, and rushed while the stool is being passed.  There are two types of hemorrhoids; namely, [...]

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Rectal Discharge – Its Symptoms and Causes


What is Rectal Discharge? Rectal discharge is a substance other than feces and blood that oozes out of the rectum. The substance is mainly pus or mucus that is noticeable either in stool or undergarment. Rectal discharge occurs as a result of many conditions such as infections and inflammatory disorders. Symptoms associated with Rectal [...]

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Types of Hemorrhoids / Piles &Treatment options


What are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are commonly known as Piles. They are swollen, distended veins found protruding out of the anus or inside the anal canal. Types of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids or Piles can be classified into three types, based on the anatomy. Internal Hemorrhoids. They are above the dentate line*. They are located inside the [...]

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